About us

Rose that grew from the Concrete

We are creating a family business. We believe in the principle that there is no room for cutting costs and producing from cheap ingredients. We stand in opposition to mass products; with us, the accountant has no voice at the table…

Year 2018

I am starting my first business, a modeling online store, here in Poland. Although it’s basically making losses on its own, it allows you to explore the ins and outs of running an online sales platform.

Striving for perfection

Every detail of the formulas is tested and refined to give modelers something unique

I’m chasing a dream

In the meantime, the brand’s first products are being refined all the time, in-house over many months. Work that takes thousands of hours.

Walking through the rubble

Meeting the numerous requirements proves extremely difficult, but with perseverance we go for the top. Soon, She will be ready

Modellers World brand premiere

Shy but confident

Ready to come out of the shadows… The Modellers World brand debuts in mid-2019. Our pigments quickly capture the local Polish market due to their unrivaled quality. However, it is Oil Wash that has become an absolute bestseller. Even though the competition compliments them, we get a proposal to rebrand the brand. I refuse. The plan focuses on giving you the best quality products, not looking for profits only.

Not to become a corporation

And while we’ve since furnished a home-based business and heavily refined the manufacturing process for Modellers World products, we still make them by hand. Human beings are the most important element in any creative process, just as they are in the final stage of the product’s life; when the product gets into the customer’s hands.

Michal Modellers World

For the love of modelling

I wish you dear modellers, only satisfying projects. Do not be discouraged after failures. I hope that our products will contribute to a greater pleasure of model making and even more beautiful works.
Now I can also share my modeling knowledge with you on the pages of Modellers World Magazine, an online service here. I have been modeling since childhood, with some interruptions, and I would like to infect as many people with it as possible. Through my courses, I can help less advanced people become familiar with working with models at today’s high level.

Michał Wisniewski, founder of Modellers World tm