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We invite you to participate in developing the final version of the new products and, following that, the opportunity to preorder the limited version with a named certificate of your Patronage! We try our best to release another innovative series of products for modelers who appreciate the professionalism, top quality, and spectacular results. All this is created thanks to you, the enthusiasts who support us with their purchases – without you, there would be nothing. That’s why we offer a sneak peek at the work in the pre-production phase and the opportunity to have your say in the comments – your comments can open our eyes to something we don’t see without being objective. So, it’s time to unveil the cards. The new line is products that have been an obvious development direction for a long time. Still, we wouldn’t be ourselves not to go a little sideways. The new line is:

Nature Acrylic paints

nature acrylic paint

These will not be paints used to paint tanks or airplanes. Nature Acrylics are colors for scenery elements, as the name says: nature. For this reason, they also have slightly different properties and behavior from the products you already know from the model paint market. To begin with, we want to release two sets – colors for rocks and stones and colors for wood. In the queue will be colors for painting oceans (to complement the new product line – Stormy Water), plants and greens, architecture and buildings, and…. well, we don’t know ourselves yet, as the classic says, time will tell. Or maybe you have some ideas? – give in the comments!

What do we have for this moment? Well, we have a ready-made formula that we are satisfied with. We have a rough idea for specific colors for given usages, but this is a subject to be polished. We’ll be uploading painted samples in future posts in this series, and we look forward to your feedback in the comments.

Characteristics and unique features of Nature Acrylic

As I mentioned before, the paints have slightly different characteristics from acrylic paints known on the market. First of all, since we are not a “mass” manufacturer, and by selling directly, we do not have to look for economies, we decided that the paints will be devoid of dense, cheap fillers in the form of acrylic emulsions that create an unnecessary film layer on the painted surface. Instead, we will use high-quality, ultrathin acrylic media, carrying the highest quality and fineness of pigments with excellent lightfastness. This means, in less marketing-speak, that these paints:

  • have very vivid and beautifully exposed colors,
  • when drying, they leave a very thin film, basically the pigment itself,
  • they perfectly reveal the details of the model without covering it with a layer of acrylic emulsion,
  • are ultra-matte, so they do not require subsequent layers of clearcoats, so again, we do not need to flood with additional layers of details,
  • this high degree of matte makes them great for dry-brushing, which for architectural and nature diorama parts is basically a fundamental technique,
  • despite their purely acrylic base, they are painted comfortably with an airbrush, fine pigment, and lack of thick emulsion = less tendency to clog the nozzle,
  • thanks to their purely acrylic base, they do not stink; in fact, they have no smell and are non-toxic,
  • easy to wash the equipment even with warm water,
  • multiple coats can be laid down, and you won’t flood the details.

We will release these paints in a diluted density, requiring no additional thinning, in 30 ml pipette bottles. Simply plug & play. Of course, if needed, they work with our “Acrylic Doctor” and “Leveling Thinner for Brush Painting” or even water.

And how do you paint with them? It is slightly different than with “tank” paints because their purpose is also somewhat different. A tank or airplane requires a uniform, flat layer of color. But nothing in nature is mono-colored. Wood, a rock, or even a single leaf is a multitude of colors, interpenetrating each other. This is how Nature Acrylic will paint. The high pigmentation and low viscosity allow colors to intermingle, even single pigments inside a given paint. We designed these paints so that you can paint with alternating colors using a brush, creating amazing, irregular paint transitions. The paint would accent details, nooks, and crannies differently, building a three-dimensional effect rather than a flat surface. That’s why we believe releasing a separate line of paints for dioramas and details is a good idea. This requires a different approach to paint creation than under applications such as vehicle or aircraft coatings.

Soon, in the next posts, we will show samples and more details. We invite you to follow and, if you wish, comment. Remember, being a Hyper Patron, you will get info when we are ready to sell and priority to buy a limited version of the product just for you.


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