Build a FT17 model with us challenge – final on April 1

When we started the FT 17 model project, we loudly announced a contest for those willing to build the model simultaneously. Things have extended mercilessly, mainly due to the change in the concept of blogging, building a studio for the YouTube channel, and so on.

We know that several people built the model with us, and so without too much ado, we remind you:

Please send us photos of your FT 17 Meng model with a stand built together. TO MAKE SURE IT’S YOUR WORK, ADD 1 PHOTO OF THE MODEL WITH ANY FRUIT IN THE BACK/GROUND OF THE MODEL. Also, define if you are a JUNIOR, AMATEUR, or MASTER (more on below.) Models should be emailed to or to the private message of our Facebook page

We will award 3 works that we think are winning: with a dedicated gallery on our website portal Modellers World, the awardees will also receive cups and diplomas, as well as solid discount codes for purchases in our e-shop!

To keep it fair, we will choose 1 model made by a Junior (a person under 18 years old, we will ask for a photo of yourself with the model on email for verification or a picture of your school ID – while we count on your honesty, this is a fun contest), 1 Amateur model (a beginner who declares himself as such – models clearly professionally made we will simply reject ) and 1 Master model (here simply the biggest “shtick” will receive a cup). Remember the fruit!

We will announce the results here and on our Facebook page on April 1, with photos of the works! So, the deadline for submitting photos is March 31 at 23:59 GMT +1 (Polish) time.

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