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Best snow for a diorama or model?

When looking for answers on how to make snow for models and dioramas, we are bound to come across two solutions: snow from soda and ready-made pastes that imitate snow. Both are correct solutions, but both have significant limitations and drawbacks. Let’s start with paste. Ready-made pastes imitating snow On the market, you will find…
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The Final Station: the diorama that won the International Modeling Festival Bytom 2024 – construction description

I don’t know how you are, but I have it that with each successive stage of building a diorama, the tension grows more and more so that I can finally see the final result of my work. When it’s a vignette or a not huge diorama, then the period of its construction is not stretched…
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What is Diorama Modeling Clay actually for?

Recently, we have been offering this interesting and rather unusual product in the industry, which provides a wide range of possibilities. Our colleague Mateusz from Matejson Models Workshop, who built his diorama on it, has just won the Gold Cup, winning the 13th Festival of Modelling Culture in Olsztyn in the 1:72 category, so this…
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Winner of the “Do a model with us” contest in the Master category: Pawel Lewandowski!

We announce the results of the competition! The finalist in the “Master” category is Paweł Lewandowski! We would like to thank Peter for following the progress on our channel and joining in the fun. Mr. Pawel receives the Model World cup, a commemorative diploma and a 25% discount on future purchases in our store. Congratulations!

Winner of the Do it with us model contest in the Amateur category: Piotr Czajka!

The results of the competition are announced! The finalist in the “Amateur” category is Piotr Czajka! We would like to thank Piotr for following the progress on our channel and joining in the fun. Mr. Piotr receives the Modeling World cup, a commemorative diploma and a 25% discount on future purchases in our store. Congratulations!

Vision and assumptions of the vignette

First and foremost, thank you, guys, for joining the trial subscription; I am extremely pleased! There are only a few of you at the moment, so we have quite a gentlemanly, even poker-faced group here! 😀 Since we are in a closed club, I can reveal more about my “concept” for this vignette. Posting a…
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Old wood and sodden mud – references

These are cool, high-quality pics showing old decayed boards and European barns. I will definitely use them when painting the pig house.

International Model Festival Bytom (Poland) 2024

Howdy! The largest plastic model competition in Poland, to say the least, as far as the tradition of such events is concerned, took place in mid-March this year, exactly a week ago. Of course, as it is at events of this type, an inseparable element of such events was the marketplace, where local companies come…
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It’s official: we’re already on Patreon! As Modellers World TV

This is mainly important information for current Patrons registered on our site, but also for others who would like to support the development of my company and my personal growth as a Vlogger—or YouTuber, for that matter. Also, a publicist? Trendy terminology is now in abundance, anyway; back. Back to the point. Yes. Officially. Overnight.…
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New project!

And it’s one with a twist. I’ve always wanted to do something original and strong in the message, not necessarily with tanks, but in the beloved 1/35 scale. So I acquired two pigs, and I don’t mean livestock, because a dog and fish are enough for me. Purely by coincidence, being at the exchange of…
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