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Meng FT 19 final effect model and weathering

The final gallery and my conclusions

Something ends, something begins. This model blazed our trails on YouTube, so it will remain special in the heart and memory… It was supposed to be a quick project, but for many reasons, it took an incredibly long time…. We started pompously with the launch of our blog, where we realized that, however, it was…
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Almost ready… final step

As I write this post, I have one last step left to do: delicate shading and a potential wash on the base. Basically, the formalities. However, I wanted to show you the model at this stage to clearly indicate my intentionality of using two colors of mud at once. And quite varied ones at that.…
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Nature Acrylics Wood Set – Pre-order for Hyper Patrons

We are happy to announce that we are just bottling the final version of the first set of our new, unique acrylics dedicated to replicating nature. It will be a wood Paint Set. We would like to thank everyone who supported the creation of this line with their Hyper-Patronage, and we would like to inform…
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Corrections on the base

I was about to lay down the base colors when I realized Meng’s error in creating his base. Of course, it wouldn’t matter much if one assumes that we’ll cover everything with mud in a while anyway. Still, according to Meng, the idea is a bit strange if one believes that we’ll only paint the…
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Meng FT17 after wash diorama scale modeling

Washes applied to FT 17

Washes’e because I didn’t limit myself to laying down one color or type of this technique. Ready-made products from Spanish manufacturers have taught modelers to use this technique in quite a limited way because they are dense and difficult to wash. Our Oil Washes are in the opposite direction – maximum transparency to a reasonable…
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Meng Ft-17 painted
Overheated exhoust on a model ft17

Overheated exhaust with Weathering Paints

A quick and easy recipe for a tasty exhaust for your tank – downloadable PDF (plus Christmas bonus).

How to make realistic tank tracks

Hyper-realistic tank tracks

Ladies and Gentlemen! With this post, we start a series of absolutely condensed, short “How to” style tutorials in the form of downloadable PDF files for all Modellers World patrons. Colorful, in an attractive and accessible form of single articles reminiscent of those from traditional modeling magazines, but without unnecessary talk – simple step-by-step recipes.…
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Figures… ugh.

I haven’t written for a long time, sorry. There was supposed to be a beautiful tutorial about the figures, but there won’t be. Although the figures are, somehow they even came out. Why, what, and how about that in a moment. I’m not a figure artist, no question 🙂 I create armored models and dioramas…
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Early access: Chipping medium and liquid mask on the same model? Check.

The second video and the second of four planned episodes from the Meng project. Thus, we are approaching the end of the somewhat drawn out 😉 Build a model with us contest, just in time for the pre-Christmas period. The video depicts my struggles with painting the camouflage on this tank, the First World War…
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