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Not quite serious: the carpet monster ate a part again. So, war!

Omnius Carpetus spekulantus Born of the infernal seed, the vile trickster Divanoluferius, called Cruel. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t let him approach me. Six is his number, and the sixth part of the sixth frame, he will consume. And his anger and his meanness shall then be satisfied. The Book of Scale Masters,…
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Building the Meng FT-17 pt. II

Removing putty using solvent In our case, it is not a good idea to treat the sealed joints with files, of course. The dense line of rivets could easily be removed. Therefore, my favorite way, especially on complicated shapes (it won’t work for puttying scratches), is to remove the putty with a solvent. For Tamiya…
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Building the Meng FT-17 pt. I

A plan is always better than no plan At least, that’s what all the online coaching experts say, and you must admit that this is a fact. Of course, in every kit, such a ready-made base plan is the instructions. Still, you have to remember that it is a plan that is maximally focused on…
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Excitement – that’s how I could describe my feeling in one word while writing this introduction. Excited because at the time of publishing this entry, I know that at least a couple of dozen people will be working in parallel with me, invited to play with the idea of “Build a model with us.” Maybe…
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Chipping medium, decals and gun

Scratches, decals and guns on the Whippet

As you may remember, before painting Whippet with the basecoat, I brushed the box (its “wooden” part) with the chipping medium. This is a water-sensitive spec that loosens the paint’s texture and adhesion. Aside from the obvious recommendation for use, i.e., making all sorts of chipping, it is also excellent for magically turning plastic into…
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French FT 17

Build a model with us!

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Build a model with us! Already on February 20, we start with a new project! We are mentioning it now to be able to engage willing readers. We want to invite you to have some fun together, or rather learn by playing, and suggest you equip yourself with the same model…
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 Not quite serious: travel back in time

It was a rainy autumn Saturday evening. Drops lazily tapped a rhythm against the tin windowsill of my workshop. Flashes of an approaching thunderstorm flickered in the dark, almost dark blue sky. Mayhem was also on my brain, seasoned with a few glasses of whiskey. After a hard week at work, I decided to treat myself to a little luxury, locking myself in my man cave, turning off my phone, and turning off my computer. Yeah, those are the kind of moments I love. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, away from the onslaught of digital information.…
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