Do a model with us – reactivation by the YouTube channel.

Zrób z nami model - reaktywacja pod postacią kanału na YouTube

The sneak peeks of the work are only available to Patrons – You will receive this package free of charge for any purchases in our store if you are registered. Hello, after a long break! We announced a “make a model with us” contest for the MW Cup this spring. Simple fun: We make a model of FT 17 from Meng with a base, and people willing to have fun purchase the same kit and make it in parallel. About the details below, but, well, the parallel ones got a little out of hand…. but there’s no such thing as a bad thing: we continue the work this time on YouTube, and this post is a preview of the channel.

Contest rules

Let’s recall what was the object of the game: Who is the fun for? In fact, for anyone who just wants to have fun together, but especially for:

→ beginners and intermediates who want to build a model a bit more advanced than the old Tamiya but still affordable,

→ want to improve their skill in airbrush handling, try themselves in painting simple camouflage. This can also be a great excuse to buy an airbrush for those who don’t already have one – we will teach what and how,

→ want to learn advanced dirt, weathering a tank on the battlefield,

→ as well as advanced ones who just want to make a model together and show their skill because:

We will award 3 selected works: a dedicated gallery on our website. Awardees will also receive a trophy and diploma!

To be fair, we will choose 1 model made by a Junior (a person under 18; we will ask for a photo with the model on the email for verification), 1 Amateur model (a beginner who declares himself as such – models clearly professionally made we will simply reject ) and 1 Master model (here simply the best model will receive a trophy). At the end of the contest, we will simply ask you to send photos of your work (and declare yourself in the category) to our email, and we will choose the work in our opinion won. The end of the fun will be when we finish our model, and the last episode in the series will appear.

The Modellers World TV channel

The channel where you will be able to watch the episodes is our old company channel, where some spider-webbed episodes like “Jaworzno Festival” used to lay. All content has already been removed to have a clean slate for the new chapter in the company’s life – a full-fledged YouTube channel.

Link to channel here: Modellers World TV – YouTube

Where do we start and what stage are we at?

Our model has the hull carrier glued together, and the interior was painted. That’s what we ended up running the Magazine on before a necessary server change occurred, and everything went to hell. Mr. Surfacer 1200 primer in Mahogany color was applied to the model, which is also an excellent color for chipping. Thus, without additional paint layers, we have primer and chipping color. Our Chipping Medium was laid down with an airbrush in a few fine mists to get it to dig in. After a while, I was already applying “Tamiya XF-2 Flat White” white paint. I didn’t proceed to scratch the coat immediately but on the second day. I activated the chipping with water without any problems. I scraped with various tools, from a wire brush to plain old acrylic brushes.

chipping scale models

At this stage, I finished the model in June. This is where I decided to put a period as far as the interior is concerned. I decided that Meng designed it poorly in detail anyway, and it is not worth exposure. Secondly, the project has been delayed long enough, and detailing the interior is an additional “model within a model.” I must remember that some of you have long finished the model at your own pace and would like to start in the competition’s finals, so I will focus on further work on the model. The interior will remain closed so the model can be finished faster. I am therefore closing.

scale model gluing

To be continued… coming.


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