Early access: Chipping medium and liquid mask on the same model? Check.

The second video and the second of four planned episodes from the Meng project. Thus, we are approaching the end of the somewhat drawn out 😉 Build a model with us contest, just in time for the pre-Christmas period. The video depicts my struggles with painting the camouflage on this tank, the First World War French tricolor. As an experiment, I decided to use both chipping medium and liquid mask on one model, which in theory is mutually exclusive, but in practice is not. Of course, it was not without problems. The model also underwent a filtering treatment with acrylics, which strongly changed its character. I think it is now a nice base for weathering. I’ll just do a quick video of painting the figures I have for it yet, and after that, it will be time for weathering and base in one material. Also, the tracks will be there because their painting is worth doing at the weathering stage.

Well, in the meantime, I invite you to the video.


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