Early access: the first video on Modellers World TV channel is up!

First video of Modellers World TV

It’s hard for me to describe my excitement! The new direction of development is just entering the first step. I won’t say that it was easy to present my person in a video material – it’s something completely different from journalism, though. But there it is; now, it only remains for me to wait for your opinion on the material I have carved out. You, as Super and Hyper Patrons, will see it very first.

In this premiere episode on the channel, I shared my insights from building the Meng Renault model 1917. There will be some twists and turns 🙂 The twists and turns were not missing during the editing of this material either. Unfortunately or fortunately, I only learn from my own mistakes, but that’s how it always is. The biggest mistake was choosing a program for video editing and processing. I invested in a one-year subscription to FilmForth because it seemed affordable and easy to use. Unfortunately, it’s an incredibly buggy software, and it regularly blew up while I was working once the movie had already started to “weigh” a bit. I had the movie ready as early as this past Monday. When trying to export it to the finished film, the program crashed in the middle, and after restarting it, it turned out that 3/4 of the film, including the completed monologues, had been cut out, in addition to random scenes. So, I had to assemble the movie from scratch, similar to the commentary recording.

For this reason, too, as I am terribly chased by deadlines, including the contest associated with the film, I hope you will forgive me for waiting 2 days at a time until the film’s public release. Currently, 7 people are supporting us as SUPER or Hyper Patrons, so I think Friday and Saturday will be enough time to see the material. I see it as more like 4-5 days in the future. According to Google’s “recommendations,” Sunday is the absolute best day to publish videos on YouTube, which is logical – usually, people rest at home. Considering how important it is to gain reach, especially in the first video on the channel, I would like to take advantage of this and upload the video publicly on Sunday morning.

Oh, and importantly! If you’re here, please note that the video is being shared specifically for you, so YOU don’t share it further until the public release. 😀 It’s made so that only people with the link can view the video, like you here, below.

I am also very much looking forward to any comment on how you like this form of YouTube channel. It can be here and under the video – there, you will be the first to comment, and these comments will be publicly visible later. Those inserted here on the site stay in our private circle. Wherever you do not comment, I promise to respond :).

Thank you again for your support. Promotion through this channel of our company is very important to me; I do not hold a secret. If you are not in the media, then you do not exist. This is the brutal reality. It is also a great pleasure and fun for me to be able to do what I love most, which is scale modeling. After the first recordings of this for the channel, I have to say that I feel at home in this, too. With your support as one of the bricks building this foundation, I hope this will be the main direction of the company’s development – an independent manufacturer providing entertainment and, at the same time, great modeling products.

Well, enough talk. Fill up your cups with coffee or something stronger, and enjoy watching! Another video is coming soon.


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  1. harlanglenn says:

    The magnets set inside the hull is fairly brilliant!:)

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