FT glued together! When will the video be out?

Renault ft 17 model sklejony

Uhh, that suspension 😀 It took a lot of concentration to follow the instructions to not confuse the positioning of the parts. Basically, I have the model finished, and the base is left, which, however, consists of 5 pieces plus the finished bags, which I will paint separately. I will admit that I judged the model to be quite a bit easier than it looked in the box…. in the sense that it’s still a fairly simple model. Still, the lattice of the parts and the butt-fitting of some of the details could give beginners a hard time. However, I think it’s a good workout for anyone, as it still doesn’t knock Meng down with the enormity of the parts like MiniArt.

OK, how are things with the video? Well, I’m making it on the fly as I work on the model, alternating with gluing, so I have the gluing stage completed. However, to make things less colorful, tonight we are leaving for a trade fair – the Scale Model Challenge- a modeling festival in the Netherlands.

We will have a joint stand there with Rado Miniatures and Quickwheels – a strong Polish table will be there! I’ll be back on Sunday night and get down to the final editing of the video, so around Thursday-Friday, it will probably be the premiere of our first YouTube video on Modellers World TV. 😀 The content is supposed to be quite entertaining, and I think it’s coming out not too bad. Of course, with a solid dose of knowledge and tips, but nevertheless loosely. There will definitely be a Polish version and English-language versions as separate videos.

A continuation … coming.


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