I’m building a Meng FT17 model! The first video of Modellers World TV!

YouTube video Meng FT 17 assembly


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  1. Gary Lewis says:

    Yes you gentlemen have no contact address. I placed an order for Model degreaser order number 8820 I did not get a confirmation that you received it or any tracking information I would like to place a bigger order but until I see how well you guys operate I may still make the order today will be over $100 Name is Gary Lewis, stswaltdisney@hotmail.com from USA
    As I said, previously, I believe my order number was 8820. Thank you so much what information I did get from you has disappeared off of my phone. Thank you, Gary.

    • Hello, we withdrew 500ml from the offer, because there were problems with them. First of all, they were like a brick in a package, which resulted in damage, and secondly, there were problems with air transportation in the US – we were denied at check-in.

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