It’s official: we’re already on Patreon! As Modellers World TV

This is mainly important information for current Patrons registered on our site, but also for others who would like to support the development of my company and my personal growth as a Vlogger—or YouTuber, for that matter. Also, a publicist? Trendy terminology is now in abundance, anyway; back. Back to the point. Yes. Officially. Overnight. Patreon. Why?

After the film that premiered on Sunday, which I was also promoting at the Polish modeling festival in Bytom and which seems to be getting much more positive feedback than the first two, I got a lot of messages saying that you would prefer just a profile on Patreon, rather than having to go and log in via www to our Website. And it’s hard to argue with that. Many people with the Patreon app on their phones often support various creators, follow multiple blogs and vlogs, and simply prefer to have it all in one place. There’s nothing to beat a horse over. I did sit down, set it up, and there it is!

The question is, what about the old system? Because some people are currently registered, until the packages expire, I am left to publish here and here in parallel and wait for active packages to expire. Of course, the Patreon platform is governed by its own laws, so these posts may differ in detail.

You can get a refund if you are an active Patron and buy the same package on the Patreon platform. I will then refund the difference of funds to your account/card or PayPal. Just write to me by private message here or email

What’s next for the site? Well, I will probably take down all PayWalls from here, and there will be short articles summarizing a particular project, a diorama, to showcase our brand. It is also possible that there will be articles by other modelers and those from the top, such as medalists of modeling competitions. This is such a mini spoiler 😉

You can find links to Patreon below. Important note: I have set up two separate profiles. A Polish one for compatriots and an English-language one for Patrons from the rest of the world. So be sure to pay attention to which profile you have entered when deciding to support me on Patreon.

Link to Polish language version: Modellers World TV • PL

Link to English language version: Modellers World TV

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