Nature Acrylics Wood Set – Pre-order for Hyper Patrons

We are happy to announce that we are just bottling the final version of the first set of our new, unique acrylics dedicated to replicating nature. It will be a wood Paint Set. We would like to thank everyone who supported the creation of this line with their Hyper-Patronage, and we would like to inform you that the pre-sale will take place exclusively for you – Hyper Patrons. You will receive a limited, marked first batch and a named diploma as a souvenir – who knows, maybe they will be worth much more in a decade? 😀

A few words about Nature Acrylics – acrylic base of the highest quality

Nature Acrylics are themed sets of acrylic paints aimed at diorama modelers (note, we will make available the option to purchase individual colors, but only the set as a whole makes sense for the application, as we’ll discuss in a moment), but that’s not what makes them unique. Their composition makes them unique- a modern, uncompromising formula devoid of the volume-enhancing fillers and emulsions of the typical vinyl paints known in our hobby. Our goal was to make paint with as thin a film as possible to work with a wet-on-wet technique without flooding micro details, with a magnificent interpenetration of pigments creating a feria of colors – just as it happens in nature. You will notice various shades and hues on every piece of wood, stone, or anything created by nature. No two planks are identical; no two stones are exactly the same. With Nature Acrylics, you will easily create their miniature counterparts, just as nature creates them.

How to paint with Nature Paints

Nature Acrylics are already prepared without the need for dilution paints in 30 ml bottles with a pipette. They are extra efficient. They work perfectly in an airbrush straight from the bottle, not clogging it as quickly as paints known from the mainstream market; their extremely fine pigment and lack of cheap acrylic-vinyl emulsion don’t tend to do that. However, an airbrush is usually unnecessary, except to lay down a base, because…

Founding sets and composing them

The idea behind Nature Acrylics kits is simple – they are supposed to be basic. There is to be a minimum number of colors from which the maximum number of different effects can be composed. Taking from nature, as well as from the techniques of artistic painting, we choose base colors that, intermingled or when deliberately mixed with each other on the palette, will create any kind of effect (here, wood) we desire. So here we have 3 colors – let’s call them base colors, which can be mixed among each other at will or done by interleaving layers on the miniature and their modifiers; in this case, black and warm, falling into gray-white. For the wood kit, a good practice would be to start with a “dark wood base,” gradually and selectively interspersing it with a “wood medium base” and “wood yellow base,” then adding “highlighting warm white” to the desired wood shade in the highlighted areas, and making the shadows of the “dark wood base” darkened with “black.”

Sound complicated? Nothing is more wrong. Once you see it, it’s all intuitive and simple, so stay tuned for the video. At the same time, we will offer a booklet of suggestions and tips for purchase, available as a downloadable PDF. We’ll make suggestions of mixes there, and you’ll have everything at hand on your smartphone or computer. Here, having more room for improvement, we will try to enrich it with reference photos.

For Hyper Patrons, of course, there will be a 30% discount on this set for the duration of the preorder. When is the official release? I don’t know that yet because I want it to take place with the release of the final episode on FT with the diorama, which will be…. what it will be. It’s hard to predict because I don’t have pre-made videos; everything is done on the fly. I think it will be about 1.5 weeks from the day this post is published until the public release, so I’m betting on the middle of march. Of course, the film will be available earlier for Super/Hiper Patrons on the days.

Bonus: Pre-Order the new thinner.

Low Odor Leveling Thinner is a low aroma alternative to the well-known and well-liked Mr. Leveling Thinner. Actually, the alternative is the wrong word because, in terms of composition, it is quite a different agent, much milder chemically, not so hitting the nose, but also milder for health in general. At the same time, we were keen to preserve the specific action of this type of thinner, that is, extended drying time and excellent blending of coatings, without dusting or clogging the airbrush. The paint’s open time blended with Low Odor Leveling Thinner is marginally longer than Mr. Hobby’s while not showing as strong paint glossing property. The first batch is also available for pre-order, ready to ship, and will be officially launched as soon as Nature Acrylics. For now, the 100 ml version with a dropper is available; in the future, we will also release 250 ml in an economical plastic version.


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