News for Sept. 8-10, 2023

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You’re probably wondering what we’re up to – and we’ve been working all summer long, in the sweat of our brows, to prepare new top-of-the-line modeling products. These items will be a lot for September. Some of the goods have been “updated” into new high-quality packaging, better protecting the contents, especially for long trips and storage. I’m thinking of the pastes, and the new packaging with a thermos insulating them from the elements also sets a new image for the brand in terms of design.

The new packaging has received all the muds, which are the same as the one in the previous packaging, but have a changed nomenclature. We did this to make it easier to identify their properties and colors because our muds are made on the same pigment base as the dry pigments in the range, which is worth combining with the muds. First, for dusting vehicles in the same tone as the ground, brushing the mud itself, or simply thickening it. For example, by adding the pigment Cultivated Earth to the mud of the same name, we will get extra-dense ground from which we can form dry lumps, for example, for the undercarriage of a tank or the side of the road. We can dust the vehicle’s top with the same pigment – the whole thing will be consistent and believable.

Thermos packages

What is hidden under this strange name? The packaging consists of two parts, one recessed into the other, which means the product is in a jar inserted into a larger PET jar, with a gap of almost a centimeter of free space between them. So, any sunlight heats the outer layer, and the one in contact with the product is insulated. The same happens in the case of cold air. All this ensures that your product reaches you in perfect condition, even thousands of kilometers away. It is also not frightened by any parcels or couriers’ negligence.

New “old” asphalt

These pastes have also received new packaging. Here, too, we were tempted to modify the delicate formula to make the product friendlier to apply but also to gain a spectacular possibility – to create cracks. The product is more crumbly after drying, which allows using pressure with your fingers to create hyper-realistic gaps, just like on real asphalt. The sandy formula smooths out perfectly with a metal spatula, but you only need to run it sharper to get the rough texture of an old, neglected road.

We also separated them into two gradations, smooth and rough. Each is in two colors, subtly different from each other. All this allows you to make a spectacular patched street, and your diorama will arouse admiration at competitions.

Gels to imitate rough ocean, waves and beach

You’re probably already familiar with similar products from our competitors, but we’ve done it better ;). Our gels do not resemble thickened paint but are highly transparent, with beautiful visible bubbles, and very stiff. This makes it easy to put up spectacular waves, which freeze like this until dry. We will present three color versions in two degrees of saturation. A stronger one for deeper water or under the ocean and an almost transparent one, but in the same color, perfect for the beach and the contact of the sea with the shore. The products are specially intended for larger scales and dioramas in 1:35 and 1:72 to create a beach without the need for resins and for figure scales. To complete the set, hyper-realistic foam for waves and shore.

Solution – an innovative approach to modeling

We have created a brand-new product that we are extremely proud of. It’s a thin acrylic resin solution with unique properties. We called it Solution as a solution and a problem solver. It is an all-in-one solution because, with this liquid and pigment, or pigment and sand, you will create any kind of ground you want, any type of base you want. If you don’t want to stock up on dozens of separate compounds, wet mud, dry mud, splash mud, thick mud, all divided into dozens of colors… Stock up on Solution, a Modelers World range sand, and match the pigments. In this way, you’ll develop a diorama, dust the model, make the mud you want, sand, and road, and still have enough for a dozen models. The product is so versatile that its description requires more thought, but you’ll read all about it this weekend on this product sheet. As for sand – we are introducing gravel to the family!

Another innovation is a product for sculpting

If you want to make a base for your vignette or diorama first or even carve some objects, check out the clay now available in the store. All the new products are coming this weekend!


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