Airb-Care Cleaner

Airb-Care Cleaner


5.1 fl oz / 250 ml

A product designed for modelers who like to take care of their equipment.  

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This product has a not-too-strong alcohol smell.

This is a cleaner for those who like to spend a little more work in exchange for complete safety and care properties. “Airb-care cleaner” contains nanoparticles that provide shine and protect the washed coating from moisture particles settling – thereby extending the lifetime of any galvanic coating. This property also improves paint flow and makes each subsequent cleaning easier. Householders will also appreciate the product’s not-too-intense smell. However, this product is not as strong as its older brother, “Total Cleaner,” and will not be a good choice if you paint with lacquers. But we recommend combining both products in your workshop; “Total Cleaner” as a pre-wash and “Airb-care” as the final wash.
The product is safe for washing brushes and will work just fine with water-based acrylics on its own.

The product does not puff gaskets or rubber, so tools can be soaked in it. Use soft brushes and paper towels to clean your tools. We also recommend cosmetic dustless cotton pads.

The PET bottle contains 100 ml of cleaner. (The airbrush and paintbrushes in the background are not included in this sale.)

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 13 cm
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Product FAQ

Which exactly paints can this cleaner handle on its own?

Acrylics like Vallejo MC, Ammo acrylics, AK acrylics, Pactra, Tamiya X/XF and similar. However, the product will even wash off some lacquers, such as AK RC or Hataka, if they are not dried on. A lot depends on how long you have been painting and how dirty the tool is. So, we do not advertise it under lacquers.

General FAQ

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How do I place an order in the store? Do you need to create an account?

Just add products “to the cart,” and go to the cart (for example, by clicking the cart icon at the top, click “go to payment.” You will be redirected to the “to checkout” form the cart. You do not need to create an account or log in unless you have added a Patron package to your cart. Then, creating a password account is required. You can pay through the bank’s format, with a payment card, by providing its number on delivery (in selected countries).

Can I find you in stores? Do you have any distributors?

We have been operating on the market since 2019. The products are entirely manufactured in Poland. Initially, our offer was introduced in most stores in Poland through HOBBY2000 distribution, in the U.K. through Javis, and in individual stores in Ireland, Portugal, and Greece. In 2023, we decided to end indirect distribution and sell by mail order only through our online service to individual customers. This allows us to elevate top quality at a relatively affordable price without the pressure of mass production.

Where are the packages shipped from?

We ship all packages directly from our company, in Poland (city of Bydgoszcz). It is not possible to buy locally. Production is done locally from the best European raw materials.

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