Diorama Modeling Clay

Diorama Modeling Clay


6.8 fl oz / 200 ml

Form the terrain as you want, as if playing with plasticine. Create roads, terrains, rocks, stones, trees, walls, cobblestones, whatever you can imagine. Make crisp imprints. The mass dries completely after 24 hours and does not shrink—an excellent base for mud and beach, saving the use of finishing pastes.

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Acrylic product, non-toxic, without a noticeable odor.

Molding the terrain of a diorama has never been so easy. This product resembles plasticine at work but completely hardens within 24 hours. Our product is characterized by the lack of shrinkage during drying and excellent plastic qualities. You can:

  • shape any terrain as a base for sand, mud, road,
  • imprint any shape like tire tracks or tank tracks, which will be 100% preserved and hardened,
  • impress the texture of sand with a sponge – creating a finished terrain,
  • carve rocks, stones, wooden logs, or even entire trees, giving any surface,
  • after curing, paint the clay with any paint, apply wash & pigments, or cover with masses such as mud, gel water, or earth pastes.

The product is an excellent alternative to styrofoam coasters, offering greater opportunities for accurate terrain sculpting.

Directions for use:

  • Squish the product in your fingers as if you were sculpting from modeling clay. You can glue it onto styrofoam, wood, or PVC surfaces, which should be matt with sandpaper for better adhesion.
  • If you want to join two pieces of clay to each other, it is best to moisten the contact surfaces with saliva or water. If you skip this, it will be possible to detach the elements after drying, which also has advantages – for example, for painting.
  • The product is great at holding imprinted patterns – including your fingerprints! It is best to work with smooth disposable gloves. Surfaces can be smoothed on wet or vice versa; You can imprint a texture, such as sand or earth. A sponge works best for this, as with the chipping technique. You can use rough paper tissue paper to impress the surface of the wood. You can easily achieve the texture of stone by imprinting rolled-up aluminum foil, pieces of bark, or just pieces of rocks.
  • After sculpting, leave to dry in a dry, darkened place. Do not attempt to use a hair dryer or expose to harsh sun – cracks may appear.
  • When you’re done, seal the container tightly and store it in a dark, cool place – best in the fridge. A good idea for longer storage is to add 1-2 drops of plain water to the container to increase the moisture inside.

Capacity 200 ml / 6.8 OZ.

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