Modelling sand – Fine with stones

Modelling sand – Fine with stones

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6.8 fl oz / 200 ml

This is the thickest sand fraction and slightly thicker than “Superfine.” But it contains a variety of pebbles to reflect realistic fields and natural landscapes. Matches best to 1:35, 1:24 and 1:16 scales.

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Bring the creation of dioramas to the highest level. Matte, made for scale, with a soft beige shade. Various grains from several microns perfectly match the pigments, taking over their color and allowing you to create any color palette and modulation directly on the workpiece surface. Dioramas have never been more natural, and the effects spectacular. “Modellers World” sands are designed for creative modellers who want to achieve realism. The easy-to-use sand is a joy to apply, even for beginners, and the grain size is so fine that it will amaze you. The sands are free from dirt, so mixing with pigments will give a wonderfully saturated color. A 200ml pack will last for a long time.

The ways of use are many and depend on the creativity of the modeler. Here are some tips:

Dry terrain, roads, and roadsides:
Unlike a ready-made paste that forms a glazed structure, powdered sand allows for an authentic loose earth texture on the terrain; take benefit from this! The product itself is in the color of simple, clean sand, but you are free to add any pigments from our range. In addition, you can compose earth in any shade you want by buying one sand.
So let’s assume that you want to make a vignette with a tractor on farmland, on a piece of country road. Prepare yourself a styrofoam base with grooved wheel tracks for the path. Prepare sand in 3-4 tones, mixing it with pigments, e.g., “Cultivated earth,” “Fresh field sand,” “Dirty field sand,” and, for example, “Heavy European earth.” Now, the key to representing a realistic sand texture on a diorama is the method of applying sand. Using our “Solution for sands and pigments” adhesive, apply a thick layer of this glue to the base. Now sprinkle the sand on the base using a teaspoon, paintbrush, or sieve. Try to use “Cultivated earth” sand more on the off-road parts, “Dirty field sand” most in the patches, and “Fresh field sand” around the patches. However, all these fractions should be intermixed in random areas. In some spots, use “Heavy European earth” to imitate dug-up by animals sand. Let the glue stick to the bottom of the sand, don’t sprinkle anything on top, and the effect will be electrifying. This is, of course, just an example. Still, in nature, different sand shades always occur cross-dependently in the terrain. Only by acting creatively will you create a realistic landscape, right? There is nothing worse than a one-color terrain structure. Even more exciting effects can be achieved by preparing color mixtures with different gradations of sand. For example, “Ultrafine” is so fluffy that it perfectly imitates fractions of sand that are loose, e.g., from under the wheels.

Dry and wet mud, splashes on vehicles and terrain:
The base for making mud is two products; “Modellers World Modelling Sand” and “Solution for sands and pigments” adhesive. The ideal proportions are… exactly the ones you want. You can see the consistency already in the pot. Whether you want thick or thin mud, you add either more sand or more glue. The thicker the paste, the more pronounced the texture of the sand grains will be, which is recommended for replicating conditions where the rain almost soaks into the ground. Ideal fractions for that kind of mud are “Fine with stones” and “Superfine.” The thinner mixes will be smoother after drying and look better in a wet area or around standing water. With such light mixtures, you can also make splashes on the model; here, the “Ultrafine” fraction will be the best.
The next step is coloring: you can use any modeling pigment or paints from the “Weathering Paints” series by adding them to the sand/glue mixture. In fact, most earthy but also dust colors are suitable for mud. However, there are “classics” such as: “Heavy European earth,” “Dirty field sand,” or “Black soil,” giving an almost black mud well suited for Russian or Ukrainian areas or the thin, dirty ground in the trenches. The choice of “Weathering Paints” will enhance the matte effect. Once the mud is cured, you can post-shade it, for example, with an airbrush or dry brush to give reflexes.
When the mud cures, it will be matte dry. Just paint it with a glossy varnish to get the wet mud effect. Or, use satin varnish if you want a semi-dried mud effect. It’s a good idea to combine this two; if you’re making a muddy tank, satin on the top will give a slightly dried mud effect, and the bottom part may still be wet, so you’ll use gloss. You will achieve the wettest mud by covering it with product from the “Spill – wet effect: Clear” series applied in a thick coat from a brush.

Cobblestones, cracks in asphalt, brick walls:
If you are making a road with paving stones, you need to fill the spaces between them. With what? Sand, of course! Simply sprinkle some on and spread it into the cracks using a brush. Fix with “Solution for sands and pigments”. Rub your road using a brush or pipette, or you can spray with an airbrush, making sure to wash it immediately after work.

Additional information:
The package contains no less than 200 ml of sand. The 1:35 scale figure (Scibor Monstrous Miniatures 35HM0001 Polish FT17 Tank Commander) shown in the picture is not for sale, it is used to present the scale. Likewise, the glue and pigment are also not subject of sale.

To give you an even better idea of how to work with our sands, we’ve put together some videos from Youtubers and great modellers;

Nightshift video:

Sand coloring moment from the Coldemonspl clip;

Tomek’s first impressions from the Agtom channel ( check subtitles);

and their use on the model of the dock “Kure”;

A sand review of Grot Orderly’s stream and how it compares to traditional sands

Miroslaw Serba and cobblestone wall;

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Product FAQ

What is the difference between this product and sand that I can pick up in the garden? Does it make sense to overpay?

The difference is actually huge. First of all, the sand from the garden does not fit the scale at all. With the traditional 1:35, individual grains of sand will be the size of stones. But that’s not the only problem. Suppose you separate the smaller fractions using the finest sieves you can find. You get just the dirty dust. When mixed with pigment or paint, the color will be muted and ugly.
Our product is sterile clean, and dirt free. The finest fractions are counted in microns. “Modellers World” sands are composed for the scale and a suggestion of which sand in which scale will be suitable is included on the cap. The package contains 200ml of sand. Remember that you will be increasing the volume of sand by adding pigments or glue, so it is enough for many models and dioramas. Also, the benefit is that you can prepare many small portions in different colors, so you do not need to buy many other pastes. Finally, dry sand has no expiration date. So relatively speaking it saves money and with so many benefits its price is not high.

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    If you are diorama builder this product from category “must have” or “take my money”. Perfect gradation and quality.

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