OILS thinner & cleaner

OILS thinner & cleaner


5.1 fl oz / 250 ml

This is a product with many purposes in working with oil paints, “Oil Wash” paints, and pigments. Don’t confuse it with White Spirit; it’s not in the same league.  

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This product has quite an intense odor masked by its fragrance composition. Recommended to ventilate the room.

Have “Oils thinner & cleaner” prepared in a separate, clean container and a second brush when “washing” the model. For spots with unwanted “wash” streaks, use a clean brush lightly saturated with “Oils thinner.”
Another use is blending and blurring “washes” or oil paints on the model panels. Form stains and vertical streaks for spectacular effects. The colors “Oil Wash: Industrial dirt, Earthy grime, Dust, Light moss” are perfect for these purposes.
We recommend you protect your model with a good clear varnish, satin for “pin-wash,” or matt if you want to do general heavy grime before working with this product. Additionally, the varnish must resist hydrocarbons; you can find wonderful “Anti-UV varnish” in our offer.
The product also works well with enamel effects. Due to its surface tension-destroying properties, the product is suitable for leveling pigment into the painted surface (which you can see in the video attached below).

The PET bottle contains 250 ml of thinner.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 13 cm
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Will this product work with Abteilung oils?


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