Pigment: Desert dust cold tone

Pigment: Desert dust cold tone


1.2 fl oz / 35 ml

This is the base color for the scenery of central and eastern Asia or northern Africa. Bright-colored deserts, beaches, and ravines mix with the sands of Modellers World; this is a very versatile pigment.

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Modellers World pigments are top-of-the-line products that declassify the competition. Unique fluffiness and intermingling colors. Each shade in the palette has been carefully prepared from naturally occurring minerals to represent nature as closely as possible. As a result, no matter how you use our pigments, they will behave exactly as they should, unlike the synthetic pigments of the competition. Our pigments are not monochromatic and look great individually. Still, suppose you would like to mix them or modulate the color. In that case, they blend wonderfully together thanks to the ultra-fine gradation.

The packaging is designed for user comfort. It is flat and wide, making it easy to scoop up exactly as much as you need. Packages fit together with the bottom on the cap to arrange them in a column of several shades, taking up only 7cm of desk space!

The pigments do not have a use-by date and do not mold; the only requirement to keep them in good condition is sealed packaging. You don’t have to worry about it because the containers are equipped with soft EPE seals, which last for years instead of being a powder rock like the cheap ones.

There is a 35ml net of product in the package.

To give you an even better idea of how to work with our pigments, we’ve put together some videos from Youtubers and great modelers;


And here’s Soot Black pigment in action on the Coldemospl channel;

and fixation of pigment with Oils Thinner;

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Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 6,8 × 6,8 × 3,5 cm
Specific by region


Type of weathering

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General FAQ

~Frequently asked questions generally about sales on the Modellers World website.

How do I place an order in the store? Do you need to create an account?

Just add products “to the cart,” and go to the cart (for example, by clicking the cart icon at the top, click “go to payment.” You will be redirected to the “to checkout” form the cart. You do not need to create an account or log in unless you have added a Patron package to your cart. Then, creating a password account is required. You can pay through the bank’s format, with a payment card, by providing its number on delivery (in selected countries).

Can I find you in stores? Do you have any distributors?

We have been operating on the market since 2019. The products are entirely manufactured in Poland. Initially, our offer was introduced in most stores in Poland through HOBBY2000 distribution, in the U.K. through Javis, and in individual stores in Ireland, Portugal, and Greece. In 2023, we decided to end indirect distribution and sell by mail order only through our online service to individual customers. This allows us to elevate top quality at a relatively affordable price without the pressure of mass production.

Where are the packages shipped from?

We ship all packages directly from our company, in Poland (city of Bydgoszcz). It is not possible to buy locally. Production is done locally from the best European raw materials.

How long do packages go?

As a rule, orders placed in the morning we try to send the same day, in random cases up to 72h, if the goods are with the status “available” (goods not available immediately have the status “on order” on the product card. We make it up to 14 calendar days, check the “what does the status on order” page in the menu for details). Once the package is shipped, you will receive a link to track the package via email and in my account tab.

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What if I order products and the package does not arrive?

Shipments are insured, but we know how stressful it is to wait. When you buy from our store, you are guaranteed that if the goods are lost in transit or arrive damaged, we will refund your money immediately, without waiting for the shipping company to respond. If the damage was not visible on the outside of the package, you only need to send us photos when you receive the package. However, in our experience, lost packages account for about 0.1%, and damaged goods account for less than 0.5% of shipments. Thus, 99.4% of shipments reach the addressee without unpleasant incidents.

Product FAQ

Why does the pigment have a specific name and there are other recommendations in the description and filters?

Filters and recommendations that we present are our suggestions where we see the use of the product, and it is not always the primary use; sometimes complementary or just fitting to the given type of model or diorama. Weathering is a complex and complicated procedure. As in nature, many colors exist in seemingly different conditions. For example, the color of rust and its obvious use can also be used to re-create the dust or soil of Vietnamese roads, a row of soils formed from sands, characterized by ferruginous envelopes on the grains of sand, causing the rust color. Many colors can be used, if not as a base, to complete the scene’s tone. The wider the palette, the more interesting the design!

What do you recommend for fixing pigments?

Honestly…? Nothing. Pigments look most natural unsprayed. Any liquid turns the pigment into a liquid substance, right? If you don’t plan to touch the model in the future, pigments are phenomenal in their natural form, esp. thicker layers of dirt, dust, or loose soil. Modellers World offers pigment cement, a product with balanced capillarity that gently pulls the pigment up; you can use it under the pigment to get interesting-looking layers of stuck-on mud or dirt or sand. However, if you need to cure the pigment, use Modellers World Oils thinner & cleaner to set the pigment, and when dry, mist the whole model with Anti UV matt varnish. Popular commercially available fixatives are very aggressive. They create a hard shell of pigment and give a clear cut-off line, so we do not recommend them.


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