Rough asphalt – light

Rough asphalt – light


1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

Asphalt with real particles is easily given to create a crackle effect. It has a slightly coarser, rougher grain and the color of a light old road with a large admixture of gravel and concrete.

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Acrylic product, non-toxic, without a noticeable odor.

A coarse, hyper-realistic paste for making asphalt for a diorama. It is best suited for scales of 1:35 – 1:24. The paste can be smoothed to an even surface with a metal spatula or applied in a rough, uneven layer.

Our product has a unique property: after it dries, just stretch it and press it in your fingers, and realistic cracks will appear, such as you know from real streets. You can also easily pluck road holes, fill them with a different shade of asphalt, and make a patched old road.

Directions for use:

  • Just unscrew, stir, and play! To apply more to a diorama or vehicle, it’s best to use a metal spatula.
  • The paste can be gently thinned with water, although we don’t recommend it unless you have a clear need.
  • The paste can be modeled and touched up for several tens of minutes. Full drying is roughly 12-18 hours.
  • Once dry, you can spot-press and “tear” to create cracks.
  • After drying, applying weathering with pigments or “Weathering Paints” is a good idea.
  • Once opened, use the product within a few weeks. The mass should be tightly capped and stored in a dry, dark place (for example, in a drawer).
  • One box is enough for a standard 1:35 scale diorama or several coasters for a 1:24 scale model. It all depends on the thickness of the layer, application surface, etc.

Capacity 50 ml / 1.7 OZ.

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