Solution fluid for sands & pigments

Solution fluid for sands & pigments


8.5 fl oz / 250 ml

Make Your own sand and gravel! MUD – wet, dry, splash. GROUND – loose, coarse, multi-terrain. Choose your favorite pigment and mix any density, creating different effects.

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Here is an evolutionary approach to weathering and diorama building. Advanced work to create a versatile medium has resulted in a product we are especially proud of. The “Solution” is a dilution of the highest quality acrylic components for binding loose products such as pigments, sands, or gravel, but also a medium for thinning gels, pastes, or even paints. 100% transparency after drying with the highest UV protection allows to bring out and preserve the colors of pigments for years. Above all, it is a product that, depending on how it is used, will enable you to achieve different effects and is an all-in-one solution for diorama modelers. The “Solution,” depending on the degree to which the additives are mixed in it, takes on the properties of the additives and dries to either a deep matte or high gloss, making it even more versatile. The Solution is a more advanced option, allowing for more effects and realism than ready-made pastes.

Main uses:

Mixing with pigment to create mud or structures;

  • Depending on how thick you make the mixture, you can get any kind of mud.
  • A very thick mix for dry mud – when dry, cracks will appear as in our Dry Cracking Mud, and you will get a deep matte. You can form realistic lumps that can be crushed. Spread the paste onto a flat surface, resulting in cracks like flakes, as in a dried lake.
  • Medium thick mix for dry mud, but without the cracking effect.
  • Liquid mix for loose mud, splashes, splash effect, and vehicle dirt.
  • Thin mix for wet mud and muddy streaks.
  • After the above mixes become dry, for a wet mud effect, simply apply 1 to 3 coats of Solution alone to get all the above results wet. The product is milky in the bottle but completely transparent and lightfast when dry and does not need to be covered with any varnish.
  • The Solution is not a substitute for a fixative for pigments. Still, it works great as a binder for them when, for example, you brush it on the surface of the model and sprinkle it with pigment -> low surface tension will soak up the pigment in seconds or so, preserving its texture, fixing it and giving the effect of tacked accumulated soil. You can build field vignettes and dioramas in the same way.
  • Besides, we don’t have to stop at the mud – there are pigments like rubble or cement that also get along well with the “Solution.” Add a bit of Superfine or Ultrafine sand and create a paste with the density of cream; spread with a spatula, and you get hyper-realistic concrete bases. Once dry, you can easily cut slab shapes with a knife or create cracks by pressing and flexing.

Use with sands;

  • The “Solution” is recommended for fixing Modellers World sands and similar loose products.
  • The low surface tension allows you to fix the sand you have poured by applying Solution drop by drop directly onto it. To break the surface tension even more, we recommend spreading a layer of “Solution” on the base, sprinkling the sand on top, and then the second layer of the “Solution” on the sand. Try not to create a “soup” and use minimal liquid. Wait a few minutes for the sand to soak up the Solution, and wherever you see dry spots, add a drop at a time. This way, when it dries, you will get a natural, granular texture of the sand instead of a glaze, as in the case of ready-made pastes.
  • You’ll get an even more natural sand look, like on the beach, by applying “Solution” only “from underneath.” This means spreading sand only on the Solution, not the Solution on the sand. Cover the base with “Solution” and sprinkle sand, best with a kitchen strainer. On top of this, give another solid and wet solution layer and repeat the sand spreading from the top. You’ll see the sand soak up the Solution from underneath, and the natural loose appearance of the sand will be preserved. You can now also use a brush or other tool to make marks, ditching the area here and there. Put larger elements like stones, roots, etc., and give a drop of Solution on them to stick.
  • You can mix Modellers World sands with any pigment before use to change its color but don’t use too much, or you’ll get a mud effect instead of loose sand. A good strategy is to dust the sand with the pigment after it has dried or paint it with Weathering Paints.
  • As the Solution evaporates, it settles and reveals the graininess of the sand and gravel. This process is most visible after 24 hours of drying but deepens for another 48 hours. This time is an estimate and depends very much on the temperature and humidity of the room. After just these 24 hours, you can begin further work on the surface with other products for a typical room temperature.

Priming the surface;

  • The Solution is ideal for reinforcing and priming synthetic surfaces such as polystyrene styrofoam to increase adhesion to other materials, pastes, and structures. Just one coat of Solution will produce results.
  • It binds and strengthens porous materials such as gypsum, bark, cork and loose materials like sand and earth. The product prevents them from later staining subsequent layers of materials and paints used on them. To do this, use 2-3 wet coats of Solution.

Giving a wet effect to surfaces;

  • Solution mixed with pigment will give you a matte or slightly satin mud, but once dry, just apply 1-3 coats of Solution alone for a fresh, wet mud effect. By itself, the product is highly transparent and glossy. So, it is a versatile solution for any type of earthy or muddy terrain, and you can blend these effects on a single diorama.
  • You can also turn plastic model surfaces painted with regular paints wet! Create streaks and whole wet panels when the model is in rainy scenery.

Gluing accessories to dioramas, placing grass;

  • The Solution is a great choice for gluing electrostatic grass, much better than white glue, as it is more invisible when dry.
  • You will glue any stones, wood sticks, or painted plastic and resin parts to your diorama with the Solution, which bonds different materials well. It can even serve to glue transparent elements like windshields and fairings, being invisible after drying.

Versatility and economy;

  • The “Solution” is a modeling approach focused on creativity and versatility.
  • You don’t need to have dozens of products for different effects. Instead of 5 jars of mud in your chosen color, you only need the “Solution” and one pigment to mix any consistency and texture. From soil to dry and wet mud. Loose or compacted soil stuck to the wheels, to ransacking on the model.
  • The uniqueness and huge range of possibilities to combine pigments and create your color mixtures for the above applications will make your model unique.
  • Each 8.5 fl oz / 250 ml bottle of Solution is enough to use a few dozen jars of pigments or about 3 pack of our sands, as you only need a little of it. It is a thin, efficient liquid with high bonding power.
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