Solution fluid for Snow from Soda

Solution fluid for Snow from Soda


8.5 fl oz / 250 ml

Make Your own sand and gravel! MUD – wet, dry, splash. GROUND – loose, coarse, multi-terrain. Choose your favorite pigment and mix any density, creating different effects.

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The “Solution” is a dilution of the highest quality acrylic components for binding loose products; here, a version for baking soda, the common kitchen soda widely used by modelers as a way to make snow. 100% transparency after drying with superior UV protection brings out and preserves for years the soda’s whiteness and phenomenal shine. This version has a soft, really subtle blue tint. The Solution is a more advanced option, allowing for more effects and realism than ready-made pastes.

Application options:

  • Depending on how thick you make the mixture, you can get any kind of snow.
  • Very thick mix for compacted snow. You can apply it with a wide brush, forming irregular shapes to simulate unevenness buried in the snow or smooth it out with a spatula.
  • Medium thick for an even, compacted layer of snow.
  • Liquid mix for a thin layer of fresh snow.
  • Thin mix for frost, freshly poured powder.
  • Applying a Solution to a model or diorama and spreading snow through a strainer on its surface will give the effect of very fluffy, dry snow.
  • The surface tension, low for an acrylic product, will soak up the soda in a matter of seconds, preserving its texture and fixing and enhancing the shine of the soda particles.
  • You can combine and mix the above methods to achieve different effects.
  • The product is milky blue in the bottle but completely transparent and lightfast when dry and does not require coating with any varnish.
  • It prevents the yellowing of the soda.
  • You can glue other diorama parts onto the created snow, including painted resin or plastic parts.

Priming the surface;

  • The Solution is ideal for reinforcing and priming the surface of plastics such as styrene and polystyrene to increase the adhesion of other materials, pastes, and structures. Just one coat of Solution will produce results.
  • It binds and strengthens porous materials such as gypsum, bark, cork and loose materials like sand and earth. This prevents them from later staining the applied soda. For this purpose, use 2-3 wet coats of Solution.

Giving a wet snow effect;

  • Solution mixed with baking soda will give you a slightly satin finish of fluffy snow. However, once dry, you only need to apply 1-3 coats of Solution alone for a wet, melting snow effect. By itself, the product is highly transparent and glossy. So it is a versatile solution for any type of snow, mixing these effects on one diorama.

Versatility and economy;

  • The “Solution” is a modeling approach focused on creativity and versatility.
  • You do not need to have several products for different effects. Instead of 3 jars of snow in the consistency of your choice, all you need is the Solution and a packet of soda, which you can get in any store and mix any consistency or texture.
  • A huge range of possibilities will make your model unique.
  • EaEach 250 ml bottle of Solution is enough to use a dozen soda sachets. It is a thin, efficient liquid with high binding power.
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