Stormy Water – Atlantic Ocean

Stormy Water – Atlantic Ocean


1.7us fl oz / 50 ml

A thick and stiff gel holds the modeled waves, perfect for the rough water effect. It has high transparency and a stormy water effect with visible bubbles. The product is especially recommended for 1:35 dioramas and large figures. The color is ideal for the Atlantic sea.

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A thick gel that becomes highly transparent when dry, with beautiful-looking microbubbles. It doesn’t melt, allowing you to form realistic waves, even high, falling into the depths, which will be retained until dry. Each color is offered in Beach and Ocean (transparent, saturated) to replicate the beach effect better. A saturated but still quite transparent sea color and a highly transparent, almost colorless one for the coast itself will allow you to create a beautiful diorama. The products can be mixed in any proportion. When the base is painted black or dark, it can also imitate deep water for vignettes of ships on smaller scales – achieving the effect of a restless, rough sea.

Usage tips:

  • You can apply the gel with a wide brush or a metal spatula.
  • You will stretch out the waves with the spatula by pressing and lifting the gel upward.
  • It is best to give a thin, flat gel layer as a base coat. After drying and clarifying, apply a second layer, from which you will only form waves. The base layer should not be over 2 millimeters thick and be left to dry fully.
  • The gel is very thick and may require a few to a dozen days to fully clarify when applied to surfaces that are not very absorbent. It happens because the outer layer will form a film much faster than the inner layer, creating a milky appearance. Remember this, especially if you are preparing a model for an upcoming competition. Do not try to dry with a hair dryer; it will not speed up the clarification. The gel is fully clarified when no milky is inside, the color is vivid, and bubbles are visible. The gel will dry and clarify faster in a dry place; you can use moisture absorbers.
  • A good base for the gel is our modeling clay painted in the appropriate color with Weathering Paints, Nature Paints, or sand.
  • When creating a beach diorama, use the preshading method. Paint the shore of the beach with Weathering Paints for sand color or leave the sand alone fixed with Solution. The farther and deeper you go, the more black paint and less sand color. Once dry, apply the gel, giving it 2-3 coats in the deeper part and a single one near the edge. Cover the sides of the diorama with plywood balsa, for example, and you’re done!
  • Gels from the Stormy Water series can also be applied over two-component resin pours. Just remember to match the color.
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