Total Cleaner

Total Cleaner

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3.4 fl oz / 100 ml

Powerful and universal cleaner for cleaning steel tools and airbrushes from paints, primers, and putties used in the modeling workshop. Dissolves even dry paints instantly. At the same time, it has an intense but pleasant fragrance.  

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This product has a strong intense odor, masked by fragrance composition. Recommended to ventilate the room.

Modelers fall into two camps; those sensitive to odors and those for who chemicals “must stink.” To satisfy the needs of both, we have created a cleaner that instantly dissolves even dried paint, but despite its intense smell, it has a noticeably pleasant fragrance.

Tips for use:

The product washes away all kinds of paint quickly and effectively. The bottle contains a dropper for economical dosage. We do not recommend cleaning plastic tools.

Remember to protect your eyes and follow label instructions.

• Airbrushes: Wash the airbrush immediately, without soaking: in a prolonged contact, it may be harmful to rubber elements, such as seals, unless they are made of resistant Viton rubber or Teflon which more expensive airbrushes have. Remember that rubber gaskets tend to puff up when exposed to strong removers only with prolonged contact and return to their shape after dry. So you don’t have to worry about them if you wash your airbrush quickly.

The glass bottle with a dropper contains 100 ml of cleaner. (The airbrush in background is not included in this sale.)

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Will this product work clean up my old dried up airbrush?

Yes. Totally.

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  1. PatrykModelsWorkshop

    It is really a “total cleaner”. This magic stuff removing all stains from my airbrush. You need to use only few drops. Highly recommended

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