Ultra Thin (fragrant, extra thin type cement)

Ultra Thin (fragrant, extra thin type cement)

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1 fl oz / 30 ml

Our glue is perfumed, so even the housemates love it!


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This product has a medium intense odor. A sweet, floral hint dominates over the chemical smell of the glue.

A fragranced ultra-penetrating adhesive that gives a more subtle bond mark and evaporates faster than extra thin. This allows you to glue parts without unnecessary dissolve of the plastic around, achieving a high “clean” bond. It is characterized by fast setting time. The glue soaks into the joined parts quickly evaporating from unwanted areas in no time. Thanks to these properties, we used a slightly thicker brush, which makes it easier to hit the point of bonding and to keep more glue in the bristles, thanks to which you do not have to reach for the bottle so often when gluing long joints. However, if you do not like this solution, you can buy the refill version in a 100 ml bottle and refill your previous bottle of “extra thin.”

Our glue is perfumed, so even the housemates love it!

Directions for use:
Fold the parts together, put the cement in the gap, and the glue will soak into the joint. Hold for a few seconds. Full hardness after a few tens of minutes.

The bottle contains no less than 30ml of adhesive.

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Product FAQ

Is the smell of this glue similar to the lime version of Tamiya glues?

No, the smell of our glue is delicate, floral, not as intense as limonene glues.

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How do I place an order in the store? Do I have to create an account?

Just add the products “to the cart,” click proceed. You will be redirected to the “checkout” form from the cart. You do not need to create an account or log in.

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I haven’t seen you in my stores, do you have any distributors?

We are a niche brand; we do not focus on mass sales. We have been in business since 2019. The products are entirely manufactured in Poland. At this moment, we are available in most stores in Poland through HOBBY2000 distribution and in the UK through Javis. We also have a distributor in Ireland, Portugal, and Greece.

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2 reviews for Ultra Thin (fragrant, extra thin type cement)

  1. Sławek

    Super klej, wiąże bardzo szybko i bardzo ładnie pachnie.

  2. PatrykModelsWorkshop

    Better than legendary Tamiya Extra Thin. This glue don’t leave stains like Tamiya

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