Weathering paint: Smoke

Weathering paint: Smoke


1 fl oz / 30 ml

This color works best with an airbrush. Different from traditional pigment, it allows you to paint great streaks. From heavy burns to smoke on the exterior, you can take care of it all with this one product.

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This product has almost none, slightly acrylic smell.

“Weathering Paints” is an innovative product that is a game-changer for realistic effects on reduction models. Like a liquid pigment, you can use them in an airbrush, making it easy to dust the model in the intended direction. The paint is ultra matte when dry and fully cured. When working with an airbrush, you can gradate the effect, e.g., transparent from the top and thick towards the bottom; even a heavily flooded element looks good after drying! The paints are odorless and based on our Acrylic Doctor, so they do not tend to clog the airbrush. They do not require dilution. But airbrushing is just one of many options. Examples of applications include;

  • Using a paintbrush, the paint accumulates on the surface in hollows and details like natural mud, dust, or rust spots. Many options exist: tapping, splashing with a brush, or painting precise abrasions and streaks.
  • Sponge technique: Random chips are perfect for rust and chipping colors, but they also create interesting effects with dust colors as an imitation of splashes and muddy marks.
  • The technique of “shooting” air from an airbrush into a brush. Moist your old brush in our paint, and let your imagination run wild by splashing it on the model with aero blows. This excellent and straightforward technique imitates splashes of mud and dust on the bottom of vehicles!
  • In diorama painting, well-shaded and color-modulated terrain, like the plastic model, looks much more attractive than monotone, one-color terrain. Use Weathered Paints with an airbrush to colorize terrain made of earth pastes or Modellers World sands. You can also add sand directly to the paint to make realistic mud.
Check for more information in the Product FAQ tab.
The bottle with a pipette contains not less than 30ml of paint. Additional pipette and sample coin not included. The color on the sample coin is the original airbrushed product.
If you want to see the YouTube footage, we have put it together in the Video tab, which you will find above the description.

Additional information

Weight 0,04 kg
Dimensions 3,5 × 3,5 × 11 cm
Type of weathering


To give you an even better idea of how to work with our Weathering Paints, we’ve put together some videos from Youtube;

Exhousts with the Smoke and Rust colors;

Tracks weathering:

Moment of the Light Mud color used on tracks;

…and dustig hull

Asphalt street dirt with the brush on the tank;

Rusty washing the gun;

Coloring sand with Weathering Paint;

Product FAQ

I do not have an airbrush, is this product useful for me?

To achieve exciting and subtle dusting effects, you will need an airbrush. For subtle dusting effects, in case you don’t have one, opt for something from the range of traditional pigments. However, this is still a great product for diorama or military modelers. This product is lovely for terrain painting and has plenty of sponge or brush usage. When dry, it is ultra-matte and does not require any additional fixation. You can make splashes and splatters with a brush and toothpick. Rusty colors do not need an airbrush at all. You can create awesome effects only with the sponge technique.

How do you use these paints, can you give some tips?

Tips for airbrush use:

Paint prepared for use without dilution. There is a steel ball in the bottle; shake up and down until all the pigment from the bottom is dissolved into the paint. If the pipette does not dispense a drop, it may have been plugged by pigment; pierce the hole with a thin wire. Close the cap and shake again for a few seconds. The model should already be prefinished after wash and other procedures like varnishing. Weathering Paints do not have to be covered with any varnish; it is not necessary.

Light dusting, transparent effect: We recommend a pressure of around 1 bar (15 PSI) for a standard 0.3 nozzle. Apply the product in thin layers, drying with an air dryer until you are satisfied with the coverage. For a realistic dust gradient, finish each layer slightly lower.

Heavy dusting, accumulated dirt: You can increase the pressure to around 1.5 – 1.8 bar (22 – 25 PSI). In this case, you can hold the spray even while heavily flooding the painted part. While drying, the pigment will settle realistically. Use a blow dryer to speed up the work, but be careful not to splash the paint unless that is your desired effect. (Hint; an interesting effect around the wheel arches can be achieved by laying down a thick wet layer of Weathering Paint and then blowing it with airbrush air, creating streaks and splashes of paint on the surface).

For a realistic dust gradient, finish each layer slightly lower.

Airbrush Cleaning:

After work, pre-wash the airbrush with hot water, then clean with “Airb-care cleaner.”

Tips for using with brushes or sponge:

Choose rather old brushes dedicated only for weathering. The more frayed the brush, the better. Do not make strokes; tap the brush against the surface for a more natural effect. Weathering Paints can be thickened with Modellers World sand, for example, to make mud. You can add Pigment Cement glue to this. You can also modulate applied mud when dry on your model or diorama by painting successive layers of Weathering Paints with an airbrush, gently changing the shade of the paint. For example, if you were making mud from “Weathering paint: Dried standard heavy mud,” add a few drops of “Light mud…” or “Sandy dust” to that color and repaint the areas you want to lighten. You will get an artistic effect, which is impossible to get with ready-made pastes. In the end, if you’re going to get the result of wet mud, spray a glossy varnish on it. With these methods, you have an endless array of possibilities with just a few products!

Cleaning the brushes: 

Wash in warm water, then with “Brush care shampoo.” If you forgot to do this right away and paint dried, soak the brush in hot water with “Airb-care cleaner” for a few hours.

General FAQ

~Frequently asked questions generally about sales on the Modellers World website.

How do I place an order in the store? Do you need to create an account?

Just add products “to the cart,” and go to the cart (for example, by clicking the cart icon at the top, click “go to payment.” You will be redirected to the “to checkout” form the cart. You do not need to create an account or log in unless you have added a Patron package to your cart. Then, creating a password account is required. You can pay through the bank’s format, with a payment card, by providing its number on delivery (in selected countries).

Can I find you in stores? Do you have any distributors?

We have been operating on the market since 2019. The products are entirely manufactured in Poland. Initially, our offer was introduced in most stores in Poland through HOBBY2000 distribution, in the U.K. through Javis, and in individual stores in Ireland, Portugal, and Greece. In 2023, we decided to end indirect distribution and sell by mail order only through our online service to individual customers. This allows us to elevate top quality at a relatively affordable price without the pressure of mass production.

Where are the packages shipped from?

We ship all packages directly from our company, in Poland (city of Bydgoszcz). It is not possible to buy locally. Production is done locally from the best European raw materials.

How long do packages go?

As a rule, orders placed in the morning we try to send the same day, in random cases up to 72h, if the goods are with the status “available” (goods not available immediately have the status “on order” on the product card. We make it up to 14 calendar days, check the “what does the status on order” page in the menu for details). Once the package is shipped, you will receive a link to track the package via email and in my account tab.

Parcels sent by priority mail:

– European countries usually from 5 to 10 working days (Portugal, UK, Island countries from 10-20 days).

– U.S. shipped by airmail; usually 7 to 14 travel days.

– Canada shipment by air shipment; usually 14-21 travel days.

– Asia, China, Japan; usually 25-30 travel days.

What if I order products and the package does not arrive?

Shipments are insured, but we know how stressful it is to wait. When you buy from our store, you are guaranteed that if the goods are lost in transit or arrive damaged, we will refund your money immediately, without waiting for the shipping company to respond. If the damage was not visible on the outside of the package, you only need to send us photos when you receive the package. However, in our experience, lost packages account for about 0.1%, and damaged goods account for less than 0.5% of shipments. Thus, 99.4% of shipments reach the addressee without unpleasant incidents.


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