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How to make realistic tank tracks

Hyper-realistic tank tracks

Ladies and Gentlemen! With this post, we start a series of absolutely condensed, short “How to” style tutorials in the form of downloadable PDF files for all Modellers World patrons. Colorful, in an attractive and accessible form of single articles reminiscent of those from traditional modeling magazines, but without unnecessary talk – simple step-by-step recipes.…
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Figures… ugh.

I haven’t written for a long time, sorry. There was supposed to be a beautiful tutorial about the figures, but there won’t be. Although the figures are, somehow they even came out. Why, what, and how about that in a moment. I’m not a figure artist, no question 🙂 I create armored models and dioramas…
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Early access: Chipping medium and liquid mask on the same model? Check.

The second video and the second of four planned episodes from the Meng project. Thus, we are approaching the end of the somewhat drawn out 😉 Build a model with us contest, just in time for the pre-Christmas period. The video depicts my struggles with painting the camouflage on this tank, the First World War…
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Renault ft 17 meng chipping and filters

Chipping done and filters laid!

Well, the model is gaining color and is ready for weathering. As you may remember, the scratches were to be done on a chipping medium, which is a primer under the base paint that destabilizes its adhesion after water activation. This procedure should be done up to 2-3 hours after painting while the paint is…
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Meng FT 17 French cammo painted

Risk it for a biscuit… Masking with the liquid mask on chipping medium

I like experiments. I planned early on that the model would be in three-color French camouflage since such tanks were on the equipment of the 1st tank regiment of the Haller army, which my model represents. Since I already have an undercoat in the perfect color for chipping, it was a shame not to use…
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Why is the Mr Hobby surfacer the best primer ever for tank models

Why Mr. Mahogany Surfacer 1000 primer is the world’s best for tank and armored vehicle models.

The primer for the Meng kit is laid. In the process of placing it, a thought came to me that I think would be worth sharing, especially with beginner modelers. These, very often, ask in discussion groups – what primer for tank models in green camouflage, sand, NATO, or this or that. And in order…
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First video of Modellers World TV

Early access: the first video on Modellers World TV channel is up!

It’s hard for me to describe my excitement! The new direction of development is just entering the first step. I won’t say that it was easy to present my person in a video material – it’s something completely different from journalism, though. But there it is; now, it only remains for me to wait for…
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FT 17 Meng ready glued

Meng’s FT-17 and base ready for painting

Howdy fellas! The trench base model is prepared for painting, so it’s time to finish the construction stage with the first YouTube video. Currently, I am catching up with the commentary, and the channel launch is fast approaching. As for the model, the stand glues together very quickly. Unfortunately, it requires quite labor-intensive puttying of…
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Scale Modeling Challange holland

Scale Model Challenge 2023 – is it better than Moson?

I do not go to exhibit models for competitions; it never especially attracted me. However, since the founding of the Modellers, it is appropriate occasionally to show up here and there, especially with a booth. After a covid break, last year, various events started again with steam. This time, we decided to pick a rather…
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Renault ft 17 model sklejony

FT glued together! When will the video be out?

Uhh, that suspension 😀 It took a lot of concentration to follow the instructions to not confuse the positioning of the parts. Basically, I have the model finished, and the base is left, which, however, consists of 5 pieces plus the finished bags, which I will paint separately. I will admit that I judged the…
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