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FT17 Meng background

Hull already glued together

I have already closed the hull – physically and figuratively. This means that the interior will not be exposed. Hence, the hatches at the front of the vehicle remain closed, which, for the rest, will make it easier for us to paint the camouflage. Here, the biggest disadvantage of the Meng kit is revealed, i.e.,…
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Zrób z nami model - reaktywacja pod postacią kanału na YouTube

Do a model with us – reactivation by the YouTube channel.

The sneak peeks of the work are only available to Patrons – You will receive this package free of charge for any purchases in our store if you are registered. Hello, after a long break! We announced a “make a model with us” contest for the MW Cup this spring. Simple fun: We make a…
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Modellers World nowy produkt w drodze

Announcement of new product line

We invite you to participate in developing the final version of the new products and, following that, the opportunity to preorder the limited version with a named certificate of your Patronage! We try our best to release another innovative series of products for modelers who appreciate the professionalism, top quality, and spectacular results. All this…
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News for Sept. 8-10, 2023

You’re probably wondering what we’re up to – and we’ve been working all summer long, in the sweat of our brows, to prepare new top-of-the-line modeling products. These items will be a lot for September. Some of the goods have been “updated” into new high-quality packaging, better protecting the contents, especially for long trips and…
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