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Vision and assumptions of the vignette

First and foremost, thank you, guys, for joining the trial subscription; I am extremely pleased! There are only a few of you at the moment, so we have quite a gentlemanly, even poker-faced group here! 😀 Since we are in a closed club, I can reveal more about my “concept” for this vignette. Posting a…
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Old wood and sodden mud – references

These are cool, high-quality pics showing old decayed boards and European barns. I will definitely use them when painting the pig house.

New project!

And it’s one with a twist. I’ve always wanted to do something original and strong in the message, not necessarily with tanks, but in the beloved 1/35 scale. So I acquired two pigs, and I don’t mean livestock, because a dog and fish are enough for me. Purely by coincidence, being at the exchange of…
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