The final gallery and my conclusions

Meng FT 19 final effect model and weathering

Something ends, something begins. This model blazed our trails on YouTube, so it will remain special in the heart and memory… It was supposed to be a quick project, but for many reasons, it took an incredibly long time…. We started pompously with the launch of our blog, where we realized that, however, it was better to cross over, overcome our fears, and launch a YouTube channel supported by a blog. The whole transformation of interfaces, building a studio, and learning how to use the camera not for photography but for filming, which, however, is governed by completely different rules. All this made the whole thing take much longer than I anticipated. I realize I need to work on publishing videos regularly and frequently, and I promise to do it from here. As long as there is interest in the channel, there will be no lack of effort.

Before I proceed with the next project, here is a brief summary of the completed FT. The model was very well-fitted and not challenging except for a few tiny parts. However, it left almost no room for conception because the base imposed a rigid framework for the tank’s setting and little room for any additions.
Am I satisfied with the model? I guess none of us is always 100% satisfied, and neither am I. This was mainly due to the rush and the lack of time caused by the difficulties mentioned in the introduction, which then forced the pressure to model quickly. Thus, there was not enough time to quietly work on the details, and although I read praise in the comments, I would have gladly refined the model more.

But now it’s time to focus on the next project, with more room for imagination. Almost 100% scratch-built, with minor 3d printing elements, in a heavy atmosphere. It will also be uncomplicated and quick, hopefully to complete. The message and atmosphere will play the first fiddle.

Still a formality – the final gallery. Thank you for being so supportive!


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