Vision and assumptions of the vignette

First and foremost, thank you, guys, for joining the trial subscription; I am extremely pleased! There are only a few of you at the moment, so we have quite a gentlemanly, even poker-faced group here! 😀

Since we are in a closed club, I can reveal more about my “concept” for this vignette. Posting a few sneak peeks in the form of computer graphics to the socials, as I expected, there was considerable consternation among the audience of these images. There were predictions of Russians stealing toilets and TVs, and maybe even whole pigs (! – oh, they are pigs!), to some more political excursions to our east. The truth, however, is a bit more prosaic, which mixes a deeper message and a caricature of the subject matter. The idea in my head was born during my stay at last year’s Moson festival, where Mateusz Mathea (this year’s judge of the international modeling festival in Bytom) and Tomasz Royek and I were ransacking the marketplace, looking for an idea to pointlessly lose all the money we had by buying unnecessary junk. What caught my eye at the time was the EMP3D booth, that is, the specs for 3D printing of all sorts of objects. It’s hard to describe exactly what they have because they have everything. That’s when the idea was born…

Create controversy…

Building a social media followership, whether on Facebook, running a blog, or recording for a YouTube channel, is laborious, almost Sisyphean work. In the age of everywhere opportunities, creators are a dime a dozen. To break through the wall of algorithms, starting on YouTube, is not as easy as many think. I love making dioramas and armored models, but adding another post of building a Panther or Sherman will most simply be lost in the crowd of others that YouTube already knows and promotes. Of course, the armor model would be already from the next diorama (and it will be a diorama by the big D – that is, solid size), but first, I still need to gain reach. And here we come to the primary goal of this work, that is, to catch the eye of the viewer, stirring up a slight controversy, touching on a delicate subject for some, without going with the flow of political correctness.

The vision and overall concept of the project

The pigs here are not meant to depict Russians or any other nationality. Still, a human being, in the symbolic, caricatured form of a pig, swallowed up by addictions, an unhealthy, consumerist lifestyle, presented in a somewhat exaggerated sense. It’s easy to guess now that the remaining items will be in his closest environment. I plan to make the vignette base out of a skull; it will be the underground part – the soil transforming into a death-like form reminiscent of hell, lurking for the sinners who inhabit it. D.

The figures will represent some of the main sins: pride, impurity, intemperance in eating and drinking, laziness, a pile of fast food junk food, a TV screen with a commercial for drinks sugared with a pound of sugar in a bottle, and…

A barn – a shed, something like that. Surely, there will be a cutout of such a building where these pigs will live like a house. I will make it out of balsa cutboards. Besides the barn, the main subject will also be the wet and soggy mud everywhere, which will be completely different from the trench diorama from FT. It will also be completely different made, based on the solution for sands and pigments resin. It gives a powerful range of possibilities, and I want to show how it is possible to make soggy moors and, at the same time, bone-dry clods with the same products.

I will paint the barn with new paints in gray, very old and weathered wood.

I’m sure the work will make a noise on the Internet and be eagerly commented on, promoting the YouTube channel’s reach. Probably, the comments will be various, and maybe there will even be some spirited discussion :D. And all this will promote the audience’s reach. I think the work will also be really cool, in the atmosphere of light horror, heavy and gloomy, but also with interesting color flavors, because what I revealed here today, believe me, is not the end of my ideas :D. Everything is in its own time, as they say ;).


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