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Sorry. We are moving to Patreon from now on!
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Sorry. We are moving to Patreon from now on!

Product FAQ

Frequently asked questions specifically for this product.

  • When I buy Patron, will I have to pay every month?

No, this is a one-time purchase for 31 calendar days. There will be no auto-renewal or obligation to renew the package. It will end automatically, and you will decide when and if you will buy Patron again at all.

  • Do I have to pay for Hyper Patron every month to qualify to purchase the pre-release edition with my Patronage certificate?

A one-time purchase qualifies for this; it is important to be active at the time of the pre-order release. The novelty will only be visible in the store to logged-in, active Hyper Patrons. In the early stages of product development, we cannot determine when the approximate release will be. This is impossible for many reasons, mainly because we simply need to be absolutely satisfied with the final result before we launch the product. Sometimes it can be much longer than we planned, and sometimes it can be sooner. If you want to be a Hyper Patron and support us, you will receive updates, posts with our thoughts, and sometimes dilemmas. Often, the opinion of outsiders and third parties is useful, so we are happy to reach out to Hyper Patrons. Being an active Hyper Patron allows you to comment, give advice, or simply observe. To sum up: If you buy a Hyper Patron for a month and it expires, and in a while, we finish the product, and it comes up for pre-order – sorry, you must have an active Hyper Patron package! But. Don’t worry. Suppose you already had an active package after starting work on the product/series. In that case, we will send you an email with information about the start of the pre-sale. If you didn’t have a Hyper Patron and redeemed it during the pre-sale, you will receive the limited edition product if you want to buy it. However, only Hyper Patrons will be informed about the pre-sale, so without an active package beforehand, you are taking your chances 😉


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