Washes applied to FT 17

Meng FT17 after wash diorama scale modeling

Washes’e because I didn’t limit myself to laying down one color or type of this technique. Ready-made products from Spanish manufacturers have taught modelers to use this technique in quite a limited way because they are dense and difficult to wash. Our Oil Washes are in the opposite direction – maximum transparency to a reasonable effect, strong matte, the effect of a fine layer of dirt, which can be freely modulated and molded without washing the whole model with some cotton balls. Why bother!

I did not use any clear coat to protect the Tamiya-painted surface. At all. I put the washes on a fairly matte paint surface because I depended on its strong staining anyway. After all, the model operated in the trenches. That is the vehicle whose model I am replicating. I used Earthy Grime, which is an earthy/muddy brown Oil Wash that settles to a muddy, dry, earthy dirt when laid down as a general wash. The whole process took…. a long time. About all day, from early morning to late evening, I swept individual layers of wash “into corners” over and over again, simulating settled old dirt, then spot-applied more. And then again, with a brush dipped in OILS Thinner and Cleaner, I cleaned off unwanted areas and created stippling and streaks. It’s a fun game somewhat reminiscent of painting…. with dirt. Suffice it to say that I was still dreaming about the whole job at night; that’s how addictive and satisfying it is for me. Watching the model take on the character, from a pure toy into a tank that bears the marks of battle and use is front-loaded fun.

The second wash of choice was Black and Brown, applied mainly as a pin wash, that is, only in the panel lines and around the bolts/rivets. Its sole purpose was to enhance and emphasize the vehicle’s body and lines. Although the first wash also flowed there, including the weathering of the whole thing, these lines visually disappeared. The dark brown brought them back to life. The result? I invite you to the Gallery.

The store products used are:


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